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 inspector rank

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liam dude

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Join date : 2009-05-08
Location : england

PostSubject: inspector rank   Fri 08 May 2009, 08:32

hotel and restaurant

hi its me again i think we should have a high rank person as a inspector and i would like to have a interview for it if you like the idea the aim of this is to make smooth corp better and more runescape friendly so the inspector would ask customers what they think and also check out the people who work their so they would check their levels check their grammer and the way they treat guests(depending on their job) they would check if the food is made their in the restaurant and if the house used for the hotel is suitable .e.g. if they have enough bedrooms and parlours for the quests and they would check the owners construction level and how long till they can improve their hotel and restaurant.


for thew railways the inspector would check if the railway persons agility was good and if they would take orders off customers instead of saying no all the time( i have had that problem with railways before)

i would like to get really involved in this buisness

ty liam dude0

togethor we can do big things afro study scratch geek king
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PostSubject: Re: Inspections   Fri 08 May 2009, 10:02

Yes Liam, I get your idea but with the Railways thing, this branch is for inspecting other companyies, not us.
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PostSubject: Re: inspector rank   Fri 08 May 2009, 12:18

huggie liam has a point about inspections on the railways and our other branches
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PostSubject: Re: Inspections   Sat 09 May 2009, 01:01

Ask James3000177 - I think that's his username - cause he runs the branch not me. Also he has an account on here named as: smoothjames

Director of The Smooth Corporation
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PostSubject: Re: inspector rank   Sun 10 May 2009, 01:45

Liam Dude0,

It would be totally up to huggie if he would allow it. But if he would I would be more than pleased to inspect all of your other branches. You can also apply for a high ranked position and it is standard that Senior staff can inspect.

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PostSubject: Re: inspector rank   

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inspector rank
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