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 How to Report!

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PostSubject: How to Report!   Wed 15 Apr 2009, 10:48

Greetings Adventurers!

If you stumble across a serious rule-breaking post on the forums and you feel the need to let us know, just press the report button. The report button is a triangular button with an exclimation mark on it.

Here's a list of the forum offences that are reportable:

• Password scamming/item scamming
• Personal attacks
• Mass spamming
• Personal details
• Read World Trading
• Offensive content
• Thread hijacking

When you click that report button if an administrator or a moderator is online they will recieve a pop-up with a link to the individual report. From there they will see the reason you gave and the description (if you wrote in the larger box). They will take whatever action they see fit! Exclamation However, if we recieve a report reporting a post with no illgimtimate content in, the person who sent the report may get punishment!


Q: Why can't I just post a thread reporting the post?
A: Well - It would just fill the forums up and it would mean more work (Locking & deleting reporting threads) for our already busy moderation team!

Q: Will I get banned for posting something bad?
A: In the worst case scenario, yes Crying or Very sad But it is most likley you will recieve a warning (maybe two!) before we come in and strike you down with a permanent ban. As long as you post appropriate content, there is no need to worry - Is there?

Thank you. ^_^
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How to Report!
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